comodo internet security free allert me of a C:\Program Files\Widget vodafone.it\Widget vodafone.it.exe
(Vodafone www.vodafone.com) infected by Heur.Dual.Extensions, virus

what is this virus? I think there are not a virus!


This sounds like a so called false positive, not a virus, assuming that you do use a program from Vodafone. Normal files use the format name.extension (explorer.exe, cmd.exe, svchost.exe etc.) as their name, while this one uses name.something.extension (i.e. it looks like it has two extensions), which is the meaning of the phrase ‘heur.dual.extensions’. ‘Heur’ is short for ‘heuristics’, and means that it might be malicious, not that it is. Please read here on how to report a false positive:

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Hi peopleinside,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit with this link:http://internetsecurity.comodo.com/submit.php.Then We can go to have a look at it.


I’m having the same problem but it has infected all the files under LocalSetting/ApplicationData in my c drive. when i try to delete the problem comodo just says it couldnt delete all them? (Meaning it deleted none)

Also for an apparent Vodafone widget? What does the virus alert tell exactly?

Hi EricJH,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:http://internetsecurity.comodo.com/submit.php.Then we can go to have a look at it.

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The website doesn’t work for the moment, I can’t upload my FP.
I’ll PM you.