Lately i got a lot of virus reports from comodo antivirus. They just keep coming.

The viruses are al located in the appdata\local\temp folder but when i try to delete them, my computer tells me i have no acces to them. I am the only user on my computer and i am an admin.

The viruses are al named differently but they all start with ‘‘NEW’’ and they all end with ‘’.tmp.exe’'.

I hope someone can help me with this. It’s really annoying.


Please submitted samples will be processed and detection added accordingly.


Could you please explain me how to do this?


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When i try to send it my pc says i dont have acces.

Hi, I have this problem too, but don’t send files - access denied. OS Win 7 x86.

Screen now:


Screen history:


Files “new…” where sent from CD-Emulation mod of OS 8)

When i try to delete the files, my computer tells me i have no acces but they seem to be gone after that. The problem is they keep returning

Maybe you have blocked the file by Dfense+.

Look at the —> Defense+ → Computer Security Policy —> Blocked Files

+1 …Excuse for my English

I have come on my hard disk from other operational system and have removed files “new…” by hand - ALL.

But Today the problem has returned.

These files - a symptom. The real virus is, that generates them. And the COMODO it does not see. Maybe it not a virus absolutely? :slight_smile:

Yesterday files “new…” have been sent COMODO-analysts. Can they will clear a situation?

No the files are not blocked.

Thank you, I hope COMODO will fix this problem.