Here is the Beta version of CPF 2.3 :-) [closed]

Hi Guys

Here is the Beta version of CPF 2.3.
(ignore the version number in the exe :slight_smile: it should have said 2.3 :slight_smile: but hey its beta :slight_smile: )

We are looking for the following to be tested in CPF_Setup_2.2.0.11_BETA.exe please:

This has our own installer, this is done to get rid of InstallShield related errors which we can not resolve. We also have done a new layer of “speed” and “Security” that u might want to take for a test run :wink:

  1. We have added an experimental mode called HIGH PERFORMANCE MODE. In high performance mode, CPF operates much faster than normal mode (100% faster) and protection strength is much higher. This is one of the most important features to be tested.
    To activate the high performance/security mode, Please go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal
    Firewall\AppCtrl”, set the “OSMode” value to “3” and RESTART your PC.

  2. It should not install on Win64Bit, Windows Vista or Windows 9x series. When installed it should give appropriate warning and exit.

  3. We have a new entry through this “All
    Programs->Comodo->LaunchPad->Personal Firewall->Uninstall”. Using this
    CPF can be uninstalled in addition to Add/Remove section. As we move our other products to custom installer, we will create one entry for each product for uninstallation.

  4. Installation and uninstallation should be much faster than before as this is our new installer and we want to make sure this installer works! So anyone who couldn’t install before, pls try this new installer :slight_smile:

  5. Updater will not function in this beta version. It will display appropriate warning message to upgrade to release version.

Look forward to your valuable feedback guys :slight_smile:

We really appreciate what you are doing for Comodo and the Comodo community who rely on your good work to secure their computers.


Do I need to uninstall my version in order to install the beta or just install on top of it?

And do you see any problems if I have to go back to 2.2?

Yes you need to uninstall previous versions to install the beta release.


Is there any other way to uninstall CPF other than add/remove and using fwconfig -uninstall cmd line as neither of these seem to work.

fwconfig -uninstall displays message command not recognised and add/remove used to say please uninstall previous version before installing when I was actually uninstalling. However, since upgrading to add/remove now shows installshield wizard then does nothing after that when I click the change/remove.

You can see some more information of my problems at the following post. I would like to uninstall and try the beta as well as solving my issues in this post:,323.0.html


{EDIT} my mistake, not doing the fwconfig -uninstall properly. I was able to uninstall. Thanks umesh and egemen, problem solved {EDIT}

Uninstalled 2.2 with no problems. OK… there was a message from my 3rd party Add/Remove program but it didn’t seem important.

Rebooted and installed 2.3 beta. Rebooted again but during XP initialization my machine rebooted itself. I got into the screen giving me the options on how to boot XP. I replied to start it normally.

Got into XP this time. CPF came up with the usual popups.

The first thing I notice is that every time I reboot my machine I get a message from CPF that it is about to close. I am instructed to reply YES or NO depending if I am reinstalling/upgrading or not. I reply NO. This message comes up twice in a row. I think I got this same message when I uninstalled 2.2. VERY annoying. Any fix for this?

Yes this is going to be fixed.

Hi Mike,,302.0.html Can this topic help you?


Soon, I hope?

What would happen if I replied YES instead of NO to the message?

Well the purpose of this beta release is to solve such bugs before production release. This will not be in the production release. It wont be in the next beta release either if any.

It is safe to say YES while rebooting. And I think you should select YES instead of NO. Because ideally CPF should be able to detect windows shutdown and should not show this message.

I responded YES to the message and all I got was the one message, not two as I got when I replied NO.

I modified my Registry per your instructions to get Performance Mode. Is there anything I can observe to see if this is working as designed?

So far 2.3 is working OK for me. Nothing unusual has happened other then the shutdown message.

I have installed the new beta. I like a lot your installer. Allthough I would prefer also to see the name of the files that are beeing installed and not only the progress bar.

ps.egemen how come you have decided to run CPF as an application and not as a service?

OSMode = 3 must improve overall performance of your PC. It should work OK. We dont expect anything odd. You can try to compare the performance of your system with version 2.2 and version 2.3.

For example, new processes should be starting faster etc.


??? what is OSMode=3?

Hi PAn,

To activate the high performance/security mode, Please go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal
Firewall\AppCtrl”, set the “OSMode” value to “3” and RESTART your PC.


If you mean at boot time it seems to me things are coming up slower then with 2.2. I will try turning off OSMODE 3 and see what happens. Btw… should I set it to zero or some other number? I forgot the original value. :slight_smile:

Egemen thank you so much for that link (and thanks umesh for posting it). I just realised that I wasn’t entering the ‘cd’ cmd before typing in path and fwconfig -uninstall.
Guess what? It’s now uninstalled and I’m using the beta version with (so far) no problems. I’ll try the high performance mode when I have time. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again,
(R) (L)

:)You are welcome.

Finally I can try CPF! ;D
Good work with the new install… :wink:

I didn’t have much time to try right now, but can report this:


If I want to switch the installation folder, when click in “Browse…”, the default path isn’t my Programs folder.
Check this registry key for that:
[ H K E Y _ L O C A L _ M A C H I N E \ S O F T W A R E \ M i c r o s o f t \ W i n d o w s \ C u r r e n t V e r s i o n ]

" P r o g r a m F i l e s D i r " = " P : \ \ "

Security > Advanced:

The option “Secure the host while booting” isn’t selected by default…

Security Alert:

The “Test your current security configuration” feature doesn’t open my default browser.


  1. An option to have the CPF icon on tray system, instead of the Comodo Launch Pad.
  2. The height of the Detail window, in all the section, could be ajusted by the user, to avoid the scroll bar.
The option "Secure the host while booting" isn't selected by default...


This is because it can slow down or cause problems on some systems.


This means that if I disable this option, CPF will not protect me since windows starts?