Here is a tool that might help identify whats on your machine

the tool is attached

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WHOA Thanks Melih it showed me I was connecting to a certain site that turns out to be adware… Not sure how my AV missed this but Thanks for this neat tool!

I like it very much. This tool could become the new standard for internet forum malware removal assistance.

Was it originally intended for malware identification and removal?

Does Comodo have plans to further develop this great tool?

Finally, who wants to see this further developed, expanded, and improved upon?

Who would make use of a great app like this?

it was intendent to help identify whats going on your machine!
it gives u a lot of stuff that other’s might not provide.

We could develop it further if people wanted more stuff added to it etc.


Had a look at the program and was just wondering if you could expand a bit on what the various parts are actually telling you.Some of it i can understand some of it not ???
Like the PID section,is this a list of currently running processes and the top one being the main one and the rest all the .dlls it calls on. The shell extensions bit,whats that all about?


definitely expand on it.

Does Comodo’s live chat malware removal deal use this app?

something like that…


Psc stands for Privacy Software Corporation. This is one of Kevins tools :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Lol :slight_smile:

Downloaded it, and I am right ;D

Greetz, Red.

It looks good but theres a lot of info to go through and digest

Thank to Melih and Kevin for this one


you could get it to actually remove malware, couldn’t you?

Kevin is the BOClean guy right? Does he work for Comodo?

Melih, I advised a member on 2+2 to download psc-exam.exe from this thread, and I guess you can’t download a file from here unless you’re a registered member.

Is there some way I could easily provide a way to distribute it over there? Some of the members probably will not want to register here to download it. One declined the opportunity so far.

sure take it and put it on a file share somewhere


Very comprehensive little tool.I’d like to see it expanded with a GUI similar to a-squared Hijackfree.The results of the scan could be sent for automated online analysis with a colour coding system.Green for known safe,red for known bad and amber for unknown.There could be a facility to research the unknowns using an integrated google search tab.

Logged in, but still can not download the tool. Any suggestions?

Kevin is the BOClean guy right? Does he work for Comodo?
Yep he is, (and he is the best ;D). Sadly he's on vacantion for the moment probably thinking what he could improve ;D.

You really do have a great knowledge of Kevin don’t ya ;). Thx for this Kevin :). But how do you know it is ?

Yeah coloring would be nice, another example is the Advance Windows Care beta 3… it has this future to

I’ll give the direct download link in a second, just gimme some time :wink:
EDIT : direct link Comodo Forum


i downloaded it on desktop. run, dos window appeared then a small window appeared saying that check the report. but i dont find anything on the desktop.

Nice. Gives lots of info. Didn’t have time to read it though. :wink:

Although I don’t like cmd programs much because I usually can’t tell what they’re doing.

I’m not sure where to post the log so here it is.

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Here are the results of my psc exam, any help is appreciatedHere are the resultsHi! I have run theHiI have run

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Hi, i have run the pcs-exam.exe and got the pcs-exam.txt.
It says that i should email it back but it doesnt specify to where.
Anyone knows where to email it to get it read?