Hi I get the feeling a funny five minutes yesterday has just cost me loads of data and potentially fkd my computer big style.

Please offer advise if you can.

I downloaded Comodo System and Registry Cleaner a long while ago and ran it but it kept saying that the files where incomplete and to download it again.

Yesterday I finally got around to doing this after a long while of no (about a yr).

It downloaded and I updated it.

Without paying much attention to it I asked it to do a system scan. Then I’m not sure what happened but literally my computer now has lost almost all of the software e.g. word, acrobat, mozilla, vlc, avast malwarebytes etc etrc.

I did’nt think about it and blamed comodo and uninstalled it.

I fear this may have been a big mistake - is there anyway to get back my programs?
Thanks ain advance.


have you tried System Restore?;