Helped my dad and mother install comodo and tune up the speed.

They have a slow computer I fixed A lot of things and did a lot of small/big changes to boost preformence.
Now it runs smooth, And I installed Comodo CIS, so far they are happy with comodo as their new security solution.

Total computer users I’ve gotten to use Comodo: 5
Not that impressive…

those are (for you curious):

My girlfriend :-*
My little sister
My mother and dad
2 friends.

Anyway, I did the setup and made rules for all their most used programs and learnt them how to handle popups And so far noone has complained (even thou I set d+ to paranoid and firewall to custom policy with alert setting high).
All think things run smoother and faster now.

And thats a good thing, 5 out of 5 is happy with comodo! Good review (but a bit small) :-TU