Help !

Why did I get this, at this sight ??. What dose it mean ?? If the sight is clean, Why be told ???

[attachment deleted by admin]

You hovered the mouse cursor over the COMODO Authentic & Secure pic at the lower right corner of your window.
The site is valid.

Sorry, that never happned. I Go to other web sights and the “comodo auth.sec” dose not pop up ? only on this sight (attachment), and comodo forum’s, dose it appear. :o. (yes the courser was hovered on the attachment). why is “comodo auth.sec” Poping up only on certin sights ? (with no explanation).

That I do not have an answer for.


I am the wrong person to answer the why-to’s and for’s of SSL certificates.
I answered your original question.
Does anyone else have an answer for this question?

Hi Backstep :slight_smile:

A website with the “COMODO Authentic & Secure” picture pays Comodo to secure them. If you want to know more about SSL certificates, you should ask Melih I think :wink:

Greetz, Red.

:-TU Many thanks to both !!.

Thank you, Red.