My computer won’t start, not even in safe mode, safe mode with networking, or any other form on the F8 screen!!!

I have important data, photos etc that are on the harddrive that i want to keep but don’t know how to recover them without reinstalling windows and losing all the old data!..please help.


I can help you with this issue. I need some more informations

  1. The operating system you are using ( Windows XP professional\Home) or ( Windows Vista)?
  2. Do you have the Windows XP or Windows Vista CD\DVD?

Don’t worry.
If it’s not a hardware problem, you can fix it by yourself.
(if it’s a hardware problem, you cannot fix it by yourself)
Put the windows CD and try to reinstall.
But don’t forget ‘Do not format your HDD by mistake’.
Make sure windows installation position on your HDD, mostly C:
Choose C: and keep going install.
You will the messege ‘recovery’,‘install’, ‘format and install’ etc.
Choose ‘recovery’.
It takes little bit longer than normal windows installation.
Be patient and wait.
After recovering you can use windows but not properly works with some programs and unstable.
(after backup your important data, format and reinstall.To do so, you should have 2 HDD or
2partions with you HDD)
If windows is not recovered, you need to connect you HDD to other PC as a slave mode(if it’s SATA drive
you don’t need to anything, if it’s IDE HDD you should change the jumper to slave mode.)
And then back up your important data.