Hello, :slight_smile:
I would like several questions answered. It appears that I am unable to understand the new CIS changeover. :-[
1) If I keep CFP will there continue to be any updates?
2) Do I need to uninstall CFP to download the new firewall within CIS?
3) Can the Antivirus portion be downloaded at a later date?
4) Can the Antivirus be downloaded but disabled and used as an on demand scan?
(A) Would I have to disable my current firewall to do 4 above?


Hello raiderfan

  1. No. CFP was replaced with CIS and won’t recieve more updates
  2. Yes.
  3. At the moment no. Maybe there will be separate Firewall and Antivirus packages later.
  4. Yes. You can download CIS and install only the firewall. You can install both the firewall and antivirus and disable the realtime scanning.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: