Im using the comodo firewall, boclean and antivirus beta 2.0 and having issues.

Ive installed the fw and boc flawlessly however when ive installed the av and reboot my pc becomes unresponsive

What i mean is i click the internet explorer icon nothing happens, i click my messenger live icon and nothing happens. When i click the outlook icon it loads but then stalls at retrieving and sending

I have a netgear sc101 storage centre however the drive letter does not appear under my computer!

Bizarre thing is under task manager the above application have loaded under the processes. If i try to end task say iexplore nothing happens or sometimes i get not responding!

Another bizarre thing is if press any of the shut down restart hibernate etc buttons nothing happens. Only way to switch it off is to remove the power supply and reboot at least 3 times before it allows me to use the programs.

Hips is disabled on avs and i have xp sp2 1gb of ram dual core duo2 processor plentiful of hd space and it was running a clean boot before i loaded any of the comodo products.

Am i going to have to uninstall cavs? Which is something i am not happy about unless boclean is good enough that is?


CAVS is a beta, it would be best to start up in safe mode and remove it, or system restore to before you installed it.

If you want a free antivirus you have a few options:


I reccomend Avira, as it is light, and has the highest detection of the 3.

Ok I could uninstall

But what is the other avs gonna be like with comodo’s firewall and boclean?

Can I not just have boclean and say use the virus scan on the firewall once a week as I would like to keep all my programs under the same vendor if I can

Well the virus scan on COMODO’s firewall has been reporting a lot of false positives. If you use any of the above that i have recommended they will provide great protection, with zero confliction with COMODO’s products.

Is there not away I can configure them to work together

Anyone know what is causing the issue? I believe the Comodo Firewall is conflicting and or arguing with Comodo Antivirus Beta 2.0

There must be a way around?

My laptop becomes unresponsive due to something, because now after 3 power downs everything is working fine, so there must be something that is triggering this

Just thought I would let you know, I uninstalled beta 2.0 and installed Avira which now works flawlessly.

I will return to the CAVS once the final release is out

Sounds to me that your HIPS was blocking your IE, and MSN.

Did you set up a profile upon installation ?

yeah i reckon so as it let me use everything after a few restarts. But as of now it is defunct until the final release is out.

I must say after i installed avira it found 24 trojan class viruses on my laptop which i was shocked about goes to show ey!