I searched awhile and couldn’t find a clear answer, perhaps someone can help me. Since installing comodo firewall i have been unable to watch videos online from netflix and other sites. is there an easy fix for this? thanks in advance.

Do you get any error messages?

Are there any relevant entries in your firewall logs?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Netflix sends me a message saying that my firewall or adblocker software is blocking the connection. i’ve added both mozilla and IE to my trusted sites, but it didn’t help. i looked in the logs, but nothing there seems relevant to me, probably because i have no idea what any of it means.

Can you watch videos online from netflix when CFP is disabled?

Clear the CFP’s log and try to connect again then look into the log and if something is getting blocked - write a rule for it. Make sure it is above any block rules.

Yes, the videos work fine when comodo is disabled. what do you mean by write a rule? where do i write it? thank you…

Sorry, I meant create a rule.

Set firewall and D+ to training mode, go online, watch videos. Then set both to train with safe mode. Again, go online, watch videos for a couple of times. Then you may set your firewall to custom policy mode. What are results?