I downloaded Comodo yesterday, & was given a activation code and poor instructions to authenticate my identity. I went into the antivirus page and was looking for the “license status” bar at the bottom of the main interface. There is none. There is no way to activate this code if there is nowhere to do so. Please check this out for yourself. I don’t see any of the information given to activate this code. Can someone give me some help? There is no "about " button to get into to "update license. I am really baffled.


Hi Lisa and welcome to the forums.

If you downloaded CAVS beta version 2.X ,you no longer need to activate, as the product auto-activates during installation. To check what vbersion you have, open CAVS and click ABOUT - VERSION INFORMATION. If it says 2.X next to “Build Version”, then you have an auto-activating version.

Sorry for the confusion.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well as far as I know only 1.x beta needs the activation code. That means if you download it from the site itself. I didn’t see a link to download the 2.x beta from the site, since it’s only for the beta testers.

So if you hav the 1.x version, when you install it it’ll ask for the activation code…That’s it…simple…