Help with V3 install

Decided to change firewalls after too many problems with my old one. Heard many good things about
comodo, I had to give it a try. I tried to install v3 last night and after the download, I keep getting
a error message “comodo installer has encountered a problem and needs to shut down” After 3 tries I
downloaded V24 and everything went smooth. Today I uninstalled V24 and tried to install V3 and
again had the same problem. Reinstalled V24 and again, everything is fine.

1st. post so I hope I put this in the right place!

Thanks in advance.

Where are you downloading Comodo from? Sounds like your installer is corrupt. What else is running in the backround?

Sorry about that! Wife is a week away from giving birth and my mind is not all there.
I downloaded from

I have a new inspiron 1520 running xp-sp2. I have AVG and Ad-Aware free running, that is it.

Wow ! Congratulations ! (:CLP) (:HUG)

Why don’t you try downloading straight from Comodo site ? (:WIN)

Edit: Oh damn - it is Comodo site (:LGH) Silly me !

Did you downloaded the right version ? 32 bit or 64 ?


I got the right version, 32 bit.

I’ve been reading this forum for a few days and I didn’t want my 1st. post to be a problem BEFORE I
even installed V3 :D.
Still glad for the help :BNC

First, congratulations on the imminent addition to your family, and welcome to the forum!

For now, I would leave v2.4 on your system for the time being. It will afford plenty of protection.

Because of the multiple uninstallations and reinstallations of v2.4 and v3.0, it’s possible there are some remnants of both versions of CFP that are precluding a clean installation of the latest version. When you get a break from changing diapers at 3 a.m., review this post and attempt a reinstallation of the latest version of CFP:

When you’re ready to reinstall CFP, be sure to disable your anti-virus and all unnecessary running processes via Task Manager.

I found my installations work after booting into safe mode, uninstalling the previous version, restarting into safe mode, and then installing the new version.

You were able to install CFP in safe mode?

In safe mode, I thought Windows normally would not load certain drivers that are necessary for program installation. Additionally, I don’t think Windows MSI Installer will run in safe mode.

But…I could be wrong.

I can install the thing without any problems in safe mode yes, IIRC this is the clean install method for CFP. I think using this method clears the appropriate reg files as well, so you don’t have to go looking after.