Ever since I downloaded Comodo firewall, antivirus and antimalware/BOClean(I am a trusted Comodo fan!) , I realised that my USB or external driver cannot be disconected. It says that the driver cannot be stopped now and to try again later. When i looked at my thumbdrive I realised that the light is always on like it seems to be connected or is being used. When I use other thumbdrives it is the same thing.
I do not know whether is it the settings of the firewall or antivirus or the computer driver problem.
Pls give me your solutions!!

hi Extro (:WAV)
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your usb problem is a known issue related to CAVS 2.0 BETA,sorry to tell you but the best way to avoid the problem is to uninstall CAVS 2.
Comodo team are currently developing CIS (comodo Internet Security) and it includes CAVS 3 BETA.
you can try CIS BETA if you’re interested in BETA testing, or switch to another AV for now.
you can try avast ( or avira ( :slight_smile:
good luck

Thank you ALOT!!! Respected Salute (L)
Can I switch off the power of my entire PC and then remove it? (Because I love Comodo too much)
I am also wondering that when I use a different profile from which the antivurus was installed on I checked the antivirus and they say authentication error. I think its the same problem right?


of course. ^^
as for the authentication error, i don’t know. haven’t used it for a while. 88)
anyway, CIS public release will come out soon, just hang around a lil bit longer ^