Help with setup Comodo DNS on router using DD-WRT

Alright, I like the Comodo DNS, but it’s kinda annoying having to add the DNS to all the computers and some of the wireless comps get an issue with the wireless adapter and then it makes them like #3 or #4 wireless device and I have to re-add the DNS servers.

Is anyone familiar with the DD-WRT on how to add the Comodo DNS server into the router so I dont need to setup DNS on all the computers >_< or am I kinda a$$ed out cause I’m using third-party firmware?!

Below are my settings. For now I’m with Norton Cloud and ClearCloud.
I’m just waiting Comodo DNS to mature a little. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to use Norton AND ClearCloud at the same time.

If ClearCloud blocks something and Norton doesn’t, you may have a problem because in some cases, you may visit the website based on which DNS was the fastest.

IMO, use only one DNS (primary and secondary), but don’t use both because you will lose in security.

AFAIK DNS servers are picked in strict order 1-2-3. So if 1 is working is fine, if not 2 is picked. If working is fine if not 3 is picked.
But maybe I’m wrong. ???

You have to specify it. Search strict-order:

If you don’t specify it, dd-wrt will use the first one, then if it doesn’t reply, it will use the second. And if the second reply, it will stay on the second.

I also used “all-servers” with multiple servers, it broadcasts the request to all servers and use the first reply.

Thanks man didn’t know that I have to set it up. :-TU
Now I’ve put strict-order in DnsMasq Box.