Help with setting Firewall ports CIS 8 (TS3 Server)


Im trying to get my TeamSpeak 3 Server running with CIS 8 installed.
Ive tried almost everything, Application Rules, Global Rules, Portsets but nothing works for me :frowning:
Ive watched YouTube vids, and Googled my β– β– β–  off, but no luck.
I must be doing something terrible wrong.
Ive installed TS3 server, got it running and setup, made the port forwarding in the router.
If I turn the Firewall off I can connect to my server no problem, as soon as I turn Firewall back on, it kills all connections to the server.
Can someone help me step by step how to let ppl connect through ports 9987, 10011 and 30033.
Maybe its some little thing im doing wrong i dont know :frowning:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have β€œkinda” solved it, i think.

I tried setting the configuration to Proactive security, instead of Internet security.

Then I tried to connect to the server and I got a box where I could allow the connection.

Now it works just fine.

Im not sure if it is as safe in Proactive security mode, or if I should set it back to Internet security?
Or why this even solved the problem.