Help with running a game (Starcraft 2 specifically)

Before making this topic I did a few searches and tried a few things… none of what I tried seemed to have any effect. What happens is the game loads until it gets to the first screen with space and the planet with rings in the background. At this point it freezes completely, and nothing short of force rebooting my computer will get it off. I’ve tried turning training mode on, making it exception in my firewall, disabling the firewall completely, all to no avail. It freezes every time and I had to remove CIS completely via the control panel to be able to play at all.

That all said, I don’t like the idea of leaving my computer without some form of protection, and from what I’ve heard, CIS is quite good. What can I do to solve this issue apart from what I’ve already done?


Hello daniel;

Hope i can solve your issue quickly!

First off,
Lets try to add it to exclusions
CIS > defense+ > defense+ settings > image execution control tab > exclusions > add (Add the entire directory) > Apply

Please report back :slight_smile:


That seemed to do the trick… what’s the difference between Defense+ and the firewall? The firewall settings are what I was messing with previously.

And of course, thank you much!

Defense+ monitors your computers program activity while the firewall is monitoring your traffic, that you would be what is allowed to get access to internet and what’s not.

Valentin N