help with install


I have just downloaded comodo and get the following message when executing cfpsetup

 'error 0 running command. \CFP_Setup_30.25.378_XP_Vista_x64.exe'

any help would be much appreciated,

cheers O0

did you DL from the official comodo firewall site?

edit: also, what is your OS?

dl was from the official site:

I’m running windows xp media center (32 bit) sp2, avast anti-vir


Running 2 real-time antiviruses is really bad idea. Conflicts. Try disabling them and then reinstalling.

Or did you mean that your antivirus is Avast? I thought you had because Anti-Vir is another one.

XP MCE is not a 64bit OS (x64). MS have only released MCE in 32bit (x32). So, you need the following…

Doh! Missed the obvious (:SHY) ;D

that explains it, thanks for your help :-TU

thats what i was thought but i didn’t know what os he had. :slight_smile: