Help with getting Battle.Net to safely connect..

Hey guys. I really enjoy Comodo and love the firewall itself, but there’s this one issue:

Alright, so I’m a moderate gamer and like to play games such as Diablo II or Starcraft. I’m trying to play Starcraft and go online to Battle.Net, but what happens is that my game “hangs” and freezes itself when it goes to “Accessing Account”. I’m trying to tab out of my game to see if there is a pop up, but what happens is that my computer goes all crazy on me and my Start Menu has something like “Some items are too big for the desktop” or something like that.

IF I turn off Comodo, I can freely connect to Battle.Net without any issues. However, it’s a bit annoying to turn it on everytime I’m browsing and then turning it off everytime I wish to play. Is there anyway I can just manually let Battle.Net connect or is my only hope to just turn it off when I wish to play and turn it back on whenever I’m not playing?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah I remember playing Starcraft with Comodo, if I remember right, starcraft is the program that will be initiating the connection (unless of course there was a bnet application, I haven’t played a blizzard game in quite awhile). But, I’d recommend against switching the FW off when you’re playing unless of course you reenable windows FW (I suppose a paper shield is better than nothing) or are behind a router.

Anyways, lets try getting starcraft up and running first, open up comodo and navigate to firewall(top tabs)->advanced(side tab)->network security policy->application rules tab. Click on the add button on the right side and then click on the select drop down menu. Choose browse and navigate to starcraft.exe; alternatively you can launch starcraft then minimize it/return to the desktop, and choose running processes and then find starcraft on the list of active programs. Now that we have a application, click on use predefine policy, open the drop down, and choose trusted application. Hit apply and you’re all set.

Comodo will now allow starcraft inbound and outbound connections. Pretty much just rinse and repeat for diablo 2. This is assuming of course that bnet doesn’t have its own application (it shouldn’t, but I don’t remember).

Hello Factah, Welcome to the forums.

In future please use the “Search” feature of this website as many gaming issues have already been answered before.

First of all, if you have previous rules for Starcraft\battle net delete those (both firewall and defense+). How to do this;

Open comodo → Firewall → Advanced → Network security policy. Now delete the starcraft/battlenet entries.
Open comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Computer security policy. Now delete the starcraft/battlenet entries.

^ The instructions above may not apply to you, but it’s a good idea to check and start a fresh.

Now, This applies to 99% of games,
→ Put defense+ in training mode and Firewall in training mode. Run and play your game for a short time, 5 mins or so. After you have done this you may switch back to your original mode, Most users use Safe Mode.

Read my thread. It works with all games.

Alright, thanks a ton guys.

Sorry for not searching before. Boneheaded move by me. It works fine now. :).