help with freeze

From time to time, I get a pop-up which says that SynTPhelper.exe is attempting to modify a file. The entire computer is then frozen for a period of time, and I am unable to select either allow or block. I did enter that manually into my blocked files, but it still pops up and still freezes.

Also, how do I tell which version I have?

I didn’t see any help files - is all help supposed to come from this forum?

Thanks for any help!


That would be your touchpad driver. Blocking it will not allow the touchpad to function properly.

There is another thread regarding it on the forum.
url= Defense popup for SynTPHelper.exe freezes mouse[/url]

As for the help file, it’s in the miscellaneous tab. (See screenshot)

Edit: For the version number, click the About link in the miscellaneous tab.

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Thanks for your help. I have followed the suggestion from the link you provided.

I see that there is a newer version than the one I just paid for - but I am not able to figure out how to update my program. I suppose I’m not looking in the right place for that either!

Can you point me in the right direction please?

Thanks again

Update is also in the miscellaneous tab.

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Well, my face is red…but thanks for giving me direction without comment!

No problem. It’s easy to overlook things.