Help with FIle Sharing

I have set up a vpn between two computers however I cannot accessed the shared folder on either computer. Both are in the same vpn but I cannot see either computers, both are on windows 7.

I have gotten one step further than this, but it seems to be incredibly slow?

My process was:

  1. Connect both computers to the same Comodo EasyVPN network.

  2. Right click on a file and mark it “shared for the entire network”

  3. On the other computer I went to “Network Places” → “Add a Network Place”, then i put in //ip.address/name of shared file

  4. I can see the shared file on the other computer then, but can’t access it - either that or it’s incredibly slow??

Anything I"m missing?

try this mate

it’s about hamachi, but still u can try it. another thing is to set up a ftp server over lets say … cerberus ftp server