Help with Emsisoft Free

For several years I had used A2 Squared until Emsisoft acquired them. It is still one of my secondary scanners.

Hoping someone may have some suggestions.

  1. I have 2 hard drives one partitioned making 3 total. How can I narrow the scan down to just the primary HD and not all 3 ?

  2. In running the scan there is no selection for type of scan but only runs the deep scan. Any way to be more selective ?

  3. Until one of these past updates I never chose the “Free” trial. Now either you chose the Free trial or no Emsisoft.
    My problem is that after the free trial there are more popups suggesting you register,
    than the popups I get with Avira Free.

  4. Every scanning program including Microsoft (currently not using) have found something the others have missed including Emsisoft.
    Why Emsisoft shows quarantined items of another program annoys me especially since most others don’t. But their scan is thorough.

Would the Emsisoft Emergency Tool Kit be an alternative, or would I have the same problems ? Good or Bad ?


Disappointed that no one here had any comments concerning Emsisoft !

First apologies, not sure where my mind was looking but item 2 is selectable.

But still would like to limit most scans to the current drive “C:” and not scan all 3 drives.

No comments about the good and bad of the Emsisoft Emergency Toolkit.

Was considering uninstalling Emsisoft and installing BitDefender Free and the Bit Defender Toolbox as secondary av scanners. Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, recommendations ?

When the Free trial ends, the Realtime Protection will be disabled I will basically have an on demand scanner like Bitdefender with Emsisoft.

Looking forward to the recommendations and comparisons,


Emsisoft has no free version. After finishing the trial, it will become Emsisoft Emergency Kit installed on your PC :wink:
Bitdefender Free sounds good but lack of some advanced options (Settings…restore files from quarantine etc.) I do not recommend Bitdefender Free… You can use Avast Free or Avira Free antiviruses.

What do you think about these? We can continue talking on this if you have questions about antiviruses :slight_smile: