Help with Comodo Leak Test


I’ve got CISP 8 (Proactive security activated).
Just done leak test and there is something unsecured.

Please see screen attached.

Please advise :slight_smile:

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Are you using HIPS or Sandbox to test it?

Just launched without isolation. So I think is HIPS?

Import the default Proactive configuration from comodo internet security program files directory and retest with the auto-sandbox off.

THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

But now I don’t see little switch to advanced view button on the top right corner. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have Bitdefender free edition with Comodo Firewall free.

I disabled auto sandbox.
Hips is in safe mode.
Firewall in safe mode.

My score still shows the same 220/340. Did it passed the test as I haven’t got a Comodo pop up showing CLT.exe is trying to execute…?

How and where to import the default proactive configuration as it isn’t there in program files directory ?

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You might have a corrupted install if you can’t find the default configurations in the program files comodo internet security installation folder.

I found the file COMODO - Proactive Security.cfgx in program files directory of CIS . Please show me where and how should I import it ?
After scanning with Malwarebytes free edition I found this PUP and I removed it and now my test result shows 420/340 which is more than allowed 340.

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Go to General settings in advanced settings window and then configurations, from there you can import the default configuration see the help documentation here Managing Personal Configurations | Comodo Internet Security | Internet Security v7.0
when you import browse to the comodo installation directory and choose yes when asked to overwrite an existing config.

After importing and activating Proactive Security.cfgx my score shows 260/340. Avast shows that my router has rom - 0 vulnerability and prompts to update or replace my router. When I talked to D-Link service they said that my router has no further update as I purchased it in 2013.

Okay now that you are using the proactive config, disable the auto-sandbox and try again as these tests do not provide reliable results when executed in the sandbox. These tests are for testing the HIPS component of security software, also if avast has a similar feature, make sure you disable that too so it doesn’t interfere with CIS.


My CIS 8.2 made 200/340 points (Win7). Proactive mode. Result didn’t changed active or inactive Auto-Sandbox.
I changed the default Proactive configuration so 190/340. Restart Computer alert didn’t appear so I didn’t restart it.

What can I do?


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You must disable the auto-sandbox before running these tests, also as I described previously import the proactive configuration from the comodo installation directory and choose to keep the same name and yes to overwrite existing config then active the config and disabled the auto-sandbox.