Help with BOClean, newbie

70551 trojans are covered in your current BOC427.XVU file:

After I run BoClean from my taskbar I get a notepad file opening up with that sentence at the top and the list of 70000+ malware.

How do I remove them from my computer to make it run alright once again? I thank everyone and anyone for taking the time to read whether you’re able to help or not.

I’ve read and read and read about BoClean. I’ve been running it and I’ve seen it go from black to green to blue for hours, I’ve not been prompted to delete anything even once and I still have 70000+ trojans. What do I do?

Please let me know how to fix this. :a0

Are you pressing the Covered Malware button?

That is a list of things you are protected from.

Normal behavior is black for maybe ten seconds then green flash.

When something else starting up turns blue.

If malware starts up you will get an unavoidable pop up.


I think you’re right, most of the anti malware stuff I’ve used work differently and even with reading a lot of the info it takes getting used to.

Can you tell me what to do with comodo cleaner? Do I just turn it on and it finds malware on my computer automatically? Then I will be prompted?

My computer for whatever reason has been acting slow for about a week now despite my high speed internet connection. I’ve run several different anti virus and anti adware before getting comodo and I found one trojan 32, I quarantined it then ran windows defender and it found nothing.

Now I’m running comodo and I don’t know if it’s automatically scanning, or whether it has found anything, or if it will, etc.

Hi Braylon1 :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “comodo cleaner” ? Do you mean Comodo BOClean, what we are talking about here ? Or do you mean Comodo System Cleaner ?

If you want to know how BOClean works, you should read this post from Kevin :

From this topic :

Btw. when you see BOCleans taskbar icon bleeping green about every 10 - 12 seconds it is scanning the memory. And when it finds something you will be noticed with a pop-up you have to answer.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.