Help! Win32:Keygen-Yand Vapsup-GZ

Last Sunday I noticed my computer was running slower than usual. I ran ComboFix and HiJack this and fixed a few things. I do have the newest version of Comodo as well.

I never noticed that Avast had been disabled from starting in my System Tray! This Monday evening I started using a wireless card and connecting with my neighbor’s Wi-Fi (with his permission), ATT was just too ■■■■ expensive.

SOOO, my browser (Firefox) was taking forever to load. That’s when I noticed Avast was not running. Last night I ran Avast in Safe Mode and found 13 viruses (3 of which were decompression bombs). The bombs were movies, so according to Avast they are probably OK.

Avast’s final report screen notified me of which ones were deleted and which ones were moved. The two items that are left are Win32:Keygen-Y and Win32:Vapsup-GZ. The actual files I cannot find in the folders they are supposed to be in, so they may have been deleted? There is no information on these two when I do a Google search.

I am at work now, but when I get home I can post a HJT log or whatever you guys need. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

The “moved files” should be in your virus chest. Open Avast - Click on the other word besides Settings then click on Virus Chest. The files should be there.

I suggest you do the FREE VIRUS SCAN and Removal. It’s currently a free service so I’d take advantage. Free Malware Removal from your Computer

Alternatively, do a FULL SCAN with SuperAntispyware Free as it’s very good at detecting and removing any virus reminents that hide in your System restore etc…


Eric, thanks!!! I have never gotten any bad advice in Comodo forums! When I get home I will do as you suggest and I’m sure any remaining problems will be resolved.

One more question if I may (and it may not belong in this thread). My neighbor starting letting me piggyback off his WiFi signal this past Monday, after I got tired of paying ATT a fortune for Internet. I have a nice D-Link card and pick up okay until I get an indoor antenna. Question is: Just by using the signal from his house, can I pick up a virus off his computer even if I never directly access the computer? And can he end up with a virus that I download and get from a zip file?

Sorry for asking, but I am very new to WiFi and don’t really understand how that works. I can tear a computer apart and fix MBR viruses, but have no clue about signals…go figure! (:KWL)

Hi kc,

The answer would be yes.  What you are doing more than "piggy backing" on his internet connection.  You are networking with his wireless router (which he also uses).  As my wife likes to say about couples who get sick at the same time, "they are sharin' spit."  I would set your CFP to the highest levels that still allow you to connect (yes, more alerts, but at least you will know what or who is trying to connect to your computer).  If Avast failed you try another AV.  Your neighbor may be a great guy, but might he become bored and curious one night, and start snooping the files on your computer?  Under your circumstances I would take steps to make sure it is very difficult for him to get into your computer, and also to keep sensitive information stored "off site" (on a medium off your computer).

Hi again…

If you are using CPF 3… When it initially detects the network that you are connecting to - ONLY Click OK. Don’t click any of the options this way only the router’s IP Address is changed. Secondly, make sure you turn off File and Printer Sharing and make sure that you set your wireless card to connect to Access Points Only and NOT AdHoc or Peer to Peer connections.
Finally, does your neighbour use any wireless Encryption? If your connecting to an “Unsecured Network” you either need to get your neighbour to setup WPA-PSK encryption and for him to give you the PASSKEY so that you can also connect to the network.

If money’s not an issue then I’d sign-up to Comodo TrustConnect so your personal data is secure no matter what network you connect to.

With the above settings done, CPF 3 should block any connections from your neighbours IP Address.

Personally, I’d include Comodo BoClean in your security arsenal until Comodo Internet Security Comes out at the end of next month.


P.S. I’m at work so don’t have the time to go through all the procedures for implamenting the above so if your unsure, google it or search it in “