help!! uninstalling Comodo firewall pro

HI! not sure if in right place but…
was running the latest comodo firewall pro but decided it was too much hassle. so uninstalled it (about 1 month ago) today, i down loaded McAfee security suite as it works ok with AOL(by the way im running win xp sp2) well the problem is comodo firewall is still active even though it is nowhere to be found on the comp(that im aware of) so it seems i’m running more than 1 firewall.
McAfee firewall says its diabled and windows says im running more than 1 firewall. can anyone help me to get rid of comodo from the system as other software is conflicting as cannot access aol

hope this makes sence as i’m very stressed out as have been trying to sort this out for many hours to avail.



Maybe info from this link will help.

You will need to follow the instructions in the link below to remove ALL remnants of Comodo from your system:

I would perform the steps above in Safe Mode, if possible.

Report your results back here, and let us know if you need additional help.


Cheers guys!
that done the trick.
Good luck with what you do and all the best!

easy now
       Notbob   (:CLP)