Help: unable to update AVG "update server connection failed" [RESOLVED]

Hi. I’m a computer novice and relatively new to Comodo firewall. I also use AVG anti-virus. I haven’t had any problems with either until today. I tried to update AVG, which is out of date, but got the following error message: “update server connection failed: no additional information is available.” The error message recommends a number of steps, including checking your firewall. I’ve tried everything else, and I’m pretty sure the problem is with Comodo. I installed Comodo according to one of the online Flash tutorials. I haven’t made any adjustments to the settings, and I’m not on a network. I’ve ensured that all AVG components are allowed in the application monitor, and that “allow all activities” is selected for each of them. Any ideas?

Hi markr, welcome to the forums.

The easiest way to check if CFP is interfering with AVGs update in some way, is to click on CFPs systray icon and set the Adjust Security Level to “Allow All”. Remember to set it back to “Custom” (the default setting) afterwards. If AVGs update works with CFP on “Allow All” but not on “Custom”, then it is most likely that CFP is responsible. With CFP set on “Allow All” the firewall is, effectively, disabled. Another thing you could check is CFPs Log (Activity), CFP only blocks silently when told to, not by default. So, if CFP blocked something, then there is likely to be Log entry for it.

Thanks Kail. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t htink of that. Turns out the Comodo is not the problem. I guess I’ll have to try troubleshooting AVG.

Hi Mark, no problem, glad I could help.

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