Help trying to choose university to study cybersecurity master

Hi everyone,

I am a European student who has finished his Engineering degree. I want to do master in Cybersecurity (CS). I have been admitted to 3 universities: CS at Aalborg (Copenhagen, Denmark), CS double degree at the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (eit), and Digital Security at EURECOM (Nice, France).

eit is cross-european master programme where I would do my 1st year in the University of Rennes 1 (France) and my 2nd year would be either in the University of Turku (Finland) or University of Twente (Neatherlands). I have looked at the programme of all 3 institutions and they all interesting and relevant to CS.

However, I am struggling to choose one of them since I am unsure which univeristy will teach the best programme relevant to CS since I am newbie. I would like to ask if anyone knows or has experience with one of these universities and could guide me to know which one would be best. My top deciding factor is the academic programme and connections to industry. Location, etc. are nice too but I want to learn as much as I can to be prepared the best way possible. I look forward to your reply.

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone thats been there specifically. Ill give you some advice. Ill point out alot of peoples weak points in general. learn to write and understand simple scripts (this will make life easier as you automate some jobs. Learn to reverse engineering a malware sample. start with that