help topic: Real-time-Scanner-Settings.html#donot_show_antivirus_alerts

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2: What the help files says on the issue of concern (if anything)

Do not show antivirus alerts - Configure whether or not alerts are shown when malware is encountered. (Default = Enabled)

3: What you think it should say or explain

(Default = Disabled)

4: Why you think it should say or explain that

According to the picture in that page:

If the picture shows the correct default settings, the text is wrong.

Text is correct. It’s enabled by default.
Not sure if picture should be changed (to reflect default settings) because there’s no text reference to picture. Not really incorrect.

[X] Do not show antivirus alerts: Quarantine will show you a alert that Comodo have quarantined a file.
[X] Do not show antivirus alerts: Block will show you a alert that Comodo have Blocked a file.
[ ] Do not show antivirus alerts: will show you an alert and ask you what you want to do.

I have made a wish to change the current Layout/text.
My wish have been added to Verified Wish Reports - CIS somewhere in 2016 but not yet been added.
You can still go there and vote.

So CIS should be changed so it looks like CCAV.

Configure how CCAV should react when malware is detected by the real-time protection engine.

Action to perform when a threat is detected:

Ask - An alert will be displayed whenever a malware is identified from a realtime scan.

Quarantine – The detected threat(s) will be moved to quarantine for your later assessment and action.

Block - Stops the application or file from execution

It’s not alert but notification message. You can uncheck them at ‘General Settings’ - ‘User Interface’.

Ok, i’m not a native english speaker so Alert and notification synonym sound very simliar.
Also comodo antivirus Notification have the word “Hide these Alerts” when configured to quarantine or block and the general settings it says “Show notification messages”.

regardless it should be changed so it looks like CCAV, so no confusion can occur, CCAV is crystal clear.

It’s simpler (to name options) in CCAV because there is no checkbox. You’ll have to consider checkbox in CIS (otherwise it’s uglier since all the others have checkbox).
Any other suggestions for option name, maybe?

I can’t recall this default setting.
Could you please clarify it again if it’s checked or unchecked by default?

The help doc is based on the Internet security config which indeed suppresses AV alerts and automatically quarantine detected threats.

Another inconsistency between text and picture:

Do not show privilege elevation alerts: Allows you to instruct the Container to not to display alerts (as shown above) when a new or unrecognized application requires administrator or elevated privileges to run.
On selecting this option, you need to choose the action to be taken by the container from the drop-down. (Default=Disabled)

I think these 2 pictures should reflect the default settings, just as other pictures of same level/kind do. Every page about settings has such a picture.

In case I misunderstand the descriptions given by all of you, please give me a simple reply on these 2 settings:
CIS v10:
[?] Do not show antivirus alerts.
[?] Do not show privilege elevation alerts.
By default, are these 2 checkboxes Checked or Unchecked?
Thank you.

Text is correct in both cases.