help to remove un-captured viruses by Comodo

I have installed Comodo Antivirus in my computer and it was running well. Recently I got a virus in my computer which regenerates ‘EXE’ files in it. Comodo successfully captures these ‘EXE’ files but couldn’t captured the root cause i.e. the virus which is regenerating them. Connecting my flash drive on some other computer, I found virus names as ‘autorun.gen’ and ‘rimecud!inf’. I tried to add them in quarantine and then submit them but Commodo couldn’t find these viruses on specified location. I submitted all ‘EXE’ files through quarantine tab. but after full scan for several time, they get regenerated again after some time. When I check virus logs, following names appear there:


I couldn’t submit these files as these are not traceable at locations where Comodo indicate them. Can anyone please recommend a solution.

It’s actually a very good idea to submit any files that CIS is not currently detecting directly to:

Submit them here instead of moving them to the quarantine. Samples submitted via the submit option in the quarantine will take much longer to be added to the database whereas samples submitted via this method are usually included within a day.

If you can identify the file you think is the root cause of the problem submit it directly to the website.

If you need help cleaning up the infection then please see these What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer.

I hope this helps.