Help securing a wireless router

Hi guys,

I just cut the cord so to speak and went wireless. I just have two questions. Should I disable SSID? I heard you should disable SSID for security but then again I also read that it’s not worth it because it may cause connectivoty issue and even though it’s disabled people can still find it very easily.
Also, what security protocol should I use? WPA, WPA2, or radius? For WPA I also see you can personal and enterprise. Anyone able to help? Thanks!

Hiding your SSID is ok if your network works without it being broadcasted. Enable SSID when you have first setup your network and leave it as such for a week or two. Then disable it and see how it runs.

Make sure your network cards support the same standard as the router and pick the best one to run all of the devices at:

from best to worst:

(BEST) WPA2(Enterprise or personal)