Help -- Screen Capture

So I enabled Anti-Theft. but it’s not detailed or clear enough, can anyone help?

“Text/SMS The following to your device takephoto#password”

First off, what do you mean by SEND TO DEVICE? How? From what app on the computer, do I text my myself to android device?

I don’t have a texting plan on my default carrier number, it blocks all texts. I use Google Voice for texting.

Welcome to the Forum, Cyberproxy.

The system requires stock messaging to communicate.
You can, from a remote phone or computer, send a text [command] to your phone.

It also uses stock sms to send you information to help locate it should it become missing.

If you do not have sms with your carrier, remote control is useless to you.
And no, every phone has stock sms, but not everyone uses third party texting.

Google Voice is a voip service.