Help required for online game

Hi Guys

Looking for a bit of help. Im a complete novice with firewalls and require some idiot proof help to get a game running online. I have the port information that i need to have open but im just not sure how to get it done. Any help would be greatly appreciated

The game is Silent Hunter 4 and below is the information I was sent

Direction Protocol Remote Port Remote Hosts Local Port Comment

Outbound TCP 3074 Test.Isg.agora.mmp. Any Lobby Server

Outbound TCP 3074 gsdev##.gsdev.mdc Any Development Authentication Server

Outbound TCP 3074 Any Production

Outbound UDP Any Any 3074-3174 Peer to Peer

Inbound UDP Any Any 3074-3174 Peer to Peer

Outbound TCP 80 Any Service Discovery

Besides the matchmaking ports these other ports need to be open:

TCP port 19.000
UDP port 19.001
UDP port 19.002

Like i say any help with this would be a great help

Many thanks