Help pls, Comodo blocking "svchost" for my local network connection.

I am connecting 2 computers Windows 7, using cable, and i am creating shared internet connection.

1st computer has Comodo installed, and internet connection.
2nd computer connected to 1st computer using lan.

I do not block anything in Comodo firewall rules, i dont even have “svchost” in my firewall rules list.
But, when i try to Add “svchost” to my firewall rules, it says “such programm already exists in rules”, but it actually doesnt.
I am also have “user defined rules” mode, but i dont get any messages, that svchost is blocked, and also i dont have any blocking rules in my Comodo, i have default Comodo rules.

Afterall, my 2nd computer is unable to connect to internet, and Comodo log-messages for firewall says “svchost” from (2nd computer) to (1st computer with internet + comodo installed) UDP is blocked.

When i off Comodo firewall, internet on 1st and 2nd computer works fine, but when i “ON” comodo, then only 1st computer internet working.
Help pls. Comodo, with default installation rules and default network detection rules. I am created local netwrok as “Home network” with full access in comodo rules, but Comodo seems doesnt understand what is full access and keep blocking svchost from background without any reason.

How to Allow svchost with full access?

I found solution:

  1. First of all, and very important, i need to delete “svchost” from list of System applications in HIPS config, even if i dont use HIPS.
  2. Only after that, “svchost” will appear in firewall rules. My appeared “svchost” contained “block all” rule. Just delete “svchost” from list.
  3. Then Comodo will autodetect that “svchost” attempt to connect, and i can allow everything i want.