help please

sorry i dont know where to ask this but i need help & the people here are extremely patient and helpful and pretty fast.

does comodo have any manual updates? i just reformatted and well…

long story short.

my das is an idiot, he blocked ANY website with the words comodo in it with the netgear router (i can pst of i change http to https)

before reformat i had comodo and it couldnt update anymore bc of this.

any help appreciated thanks. ive tried messing around with the router to no avail, so…

Yes, you can update manually as explained here.

Where can i download the latest full AV database?

However, the download servers are HTTP, so I don’t think you’ll be able to update manually either.

Why on earth did your dad block Comodo?

He doesn’t like it because I tell him on a daily basis how much better it is than the bullfeces he uses.

=s yeah the dls dont work =/

Maybe tell him he’s being a bit immature? 88)

You may want to look up free proxy servers to see if maybe you can connect then. However, I think you’ll find them to slow to do you any good. The bases.cav file is around 112MB which will likely take forever on a free proxy, assuming they’ll even let you download such a large file. And you’ll need to download it regularly to stay up to date.

i tried using the tor network, apparently thats supposed to work but i tried and it didn’t. =x

you don’t know my dad, he is bipolar so hes legit mentally ill, & atm hes in a mental hospital for some things he did lol

so why dont i go on his comp… hes got one of those switchboards things where u can use 4 comps at once and switch between them and only 1 of his comps are hooked up and i turn it on and nothing happens, whole mess of ■■■■ down there id have to figure out before configuring the router so yeah lol