Help please!!!

Hi please can you help me,

I downloaded Comodo Disk Encyrtion 2 days ago. I followed the process to encrypt a hard drive ( I encrypted my Western Digital Essentail External Drive) I showed all encrypeted when finished, however I now have problems when I try to access the process now.

When I want to add encyrpted drives, it shows the drive (H in this case) from the drop down tab, then the window come up with data password etc.

It keeps coming up with Error, make sure this is a encrypted drive, you have the right passwords etc,
I know I have the correct passwords etc. That it is a encrypted file as it wont even let me format the drive!

Another thing I have noticed is that is says when I start it up (comodo) that windows has changed the drive I am trying to access ?

I have viewed the drive file system and it is RAW but sure it was set to be NFTS? PLease can you help many thanks Gaz.

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