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Greetings all

Now this is probably not the right place to post (Appologies soya and the rest in advance),i need some help in a few places, so here goes…my dad had a bad virus in his pc and he gave his pc to a third part to wipe and reinstall, he gave the third party the legal copy of windows on his dell disk to load on , but since found out that inturn the copy of XP installed was conterfit(WHOOPS), He had been getting constant grumbles by WGA that his copy is conterfit, so i contacted the validation forum and they confirmed the above?

Now i need to reinstall XP and backup all his important documents, can anyone help me with this as i have not done this before?can i use comodo back up for this?I got this usefull link from the other forum for a clean install… but i need a bit of help if im going to do this

Many thanks in advance

Don’t worry. This is the right place, Novie (:CLP)

I’ve actually seen that page before when I reformatted my bro’s pc a few months ago. There are lots of sites on the internet like that. I don’t see why Comodo Backup wouldn’t work, so go ahead. Just remember to also backup your security software like CFP or whatever you use, because you’ll need a firewall for sure before re-connecting to the internet. Should also back up drivers for audio, video, etc unless you already have the cd’s. Those are the basics.

For future reference it’s probably better and more convenient to slipstream and create an image of the pc while in its good/best condition (something I may have to do later on). It’s certainly better than to re-format and start over from square one.

Thanks for the advice soya :Beer

Much obliged

Since this will be the first time, don’t be surprised that it can be time-consuming to set up everything (not just installing programs, but configuring each of them).

Updates and vulernability patches should be the first to download right after you regain the internet.

If you’re looking for a Windows / Microsoft Updates alternative, you can try:
It’s not as extensive, but sufficient for downloading the critical patches.

If you enable Automatic Updates in System Properties (not the website), the only ones not available are the optional updates and software drivers, so you won’t be missing out on much.