Help please...

Ive been getting error 106 over and over, ive dl the new version 2.4 and still get an update error 106 and says it cant update, it looks like im connecting to the server though when i check traffic in comodo options, anyone know why this is and how to fix it?

Ta for help, and probably allready many ppls talked about this, but cant find a solution on this, some user on these forums told me to update to the newer version and dl it again and reinstall , ive done that and no fix still error 106, anyway wanted to say as well that im very happy with comodo so far its been great piece of software for me, much faster then norton and better i think anyway.

ta for help.

Did you completely unistall any previous installation of the firewall before you installed the latest release version?

Ewen :slight_smile:

yes i did, or well it asked me to do so before i started installing, i also removed any folders i could find in my program files folder.

could it be the server being busy or not? read something about this on the forum somewhere but that was a 108 error not 106.

btw i just checked it again and now it says no updates available, guess its working now? asume it must have been to do with my connection to the server, is this possible with error 106 or only 108 does this?

Ta for the help anyway mate! btw comodo rocks vs norton or zonealarm!