Win XP SP2 Process Guard Avast Home Spyware Terminator GesWall Windows Defender Spybot AdAware & Drop My Rights Comodo Firewall

Uninstalled previous version of CPF then installed CPF v2.3.5.62.

Immediately afterwards Avast Home on access scanners were disabled and could not get them to work.

Also ProcessGuard Disabled V3.150 could not get it to work

CPF v2.3.5.62 was disabled. That is, on the summary screen under security Monitoring Application Monitor, Component Monitor, Network Monitor etc (all of them are off) and cannot be switched on The computer security level is set at custom Protection Strength Bad. I get a system tray message telling me to reinstall Comodo because two parts of comodo are not running.

When I try to uninstall Comodo it will not do so. So I have to manually delete it and manually purge the registry. Reinstallation does not allow Comodo to work or for that matter process Guard or Avast Home.

I then used previous restore point to return to the original version of CPF v2.2.0.2 Process Guard now works as does Avast

BUT Commodo only has the Network Monitor functioning the others are off and cannot be turned on Protection strength poor


Can anybody help get me back to where I was


  • Safe Mode, Uninstall CPF v2.2.0.2

  • Reboot use ccleaner and clean all left overs

  • Get a Registry cleaner and do a reg clean

  • Reboot and install stable(current) CPF v2.3.5.62


If you can’t uninstall CPF v2.2.0.2 in Safe Mode, then post back.

I think CPF v2.2.0.2 uses MS Installer and MSI doesn’t work in Safe Mode. But, there is a little tool available to enable MSI in Safe Mode.

To Kail


It did not uninstall I have had this problem before in safe mode. So can you be a little more forthcoming
about this uninstall tool.?

Thank you


ps I am not that impressed at this stage of Comodos PF with a so called stable product causing such mayhem. BUT, I would say that wouldn’t I. Its never my fault?


Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore your post, I just missed it.

Fix for MS Installer in safe mode? SafeMSI here.

This is the same problem I’m having, except I was using 2.3.4 before and was able to uninstall it. I really wish someone from comodo would come up with a fix or solution for this.

Already fixed. The latest version of CPF ( does not use MSI any more. Comodo have replaced MSI with their own installer, which does work in safe-mode.

Sorry about the confusion, I was reffering to the problem where the Application Monitor, Component Monitor, and Application Behavior Analysis are all unable to be turned on as stated in this thread:,2600.0.html

Ah, OK. :slight_smile: