Help please I clicked on the link from LadyGagas hacked Twitter

I somehow managed to open LadyGaga’s twitter link yesterday. This was unintentional and as soon as the site opened I closed it down. When trying to do so I got some kind of Firefox popups that wanted me to verify closing the window and I didn’t press ok, yes or no or anything I pressed the cross in the upper right corner and then instantly left the site. So to clarify the popups looked like real firefox ones not popups to other sites or anything.

I’ve scanned my computer with Comodo since and nothing has been found nor did the firewall find anything as I entered the site. After this I downloaded ad-aware and Malwarebytes and neither of them found anything either.

I read around on the internet and it seemed like the site ultimately led to a survey scam after a bunch of redirects but I never made it that far I just opened the site and tried to close it within a second (it was some random site with offers (clicked on nothing).

So if anyone knows please let me know if I was infected by something from this site or if I managed to get out safe.


To be on the safe side scan with Hitman Pro and Super Antispyware and see if they come up with something.