Help please Comodo Dragon under attack !

  1. just traying to log on -my hotlmail- outlook e-mail account and that happened.

look at the screanshot (:AGY)

[attachment deleted by admin]

  1. Close browser

  2. Open CMD

  3. Enter the command “ipconfig /flushdns”

  4. Open the browser

  5. Retry

  6. Post whether it worked or not?

  7. If it didn’t work: What DNS are you using?

Open DNS

The matter is Im loged in to my Microsoft account , but on the way to e-mail that hapened :-\ as you can see -screanshot attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

So you are still getting the issue after what I suggested?

I believe either 1. Your DNS has been getting the URL and IP address wrong, possibly by a hacking attempt. OR 2. Something has changed the hosts file.
Number 2 seems more likely to me, I don’t know if there could be any other issues, I don’t get the same issue.

Could you first try another DNS? You could simply try enabling SecureDNS within Dragon options. After that do the “ipconfig /flushdns” again, please try again and tell me the results.

If that doesn’t work then could you please locate “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts” and open the file. Then make sure there is no changes to the host file including any url.

Flushed & restarted - still the same :-\

Now will go to Comodo DNS :stuck_out_tongue:

:BNC Thanks SanyaIV for you help

Always have used Comodo DNS and there was never a problem with hacking my PC - its happened very often - who will now why will find it in one of my posts.

Have read manny opinion about DNS ,lot of user said Comodo DNS is not good ,even here on the forum.

Soo have change to Open DNS -averyone is talking about ,that Open DNS is secure & quick.

Now that hapened to me on Open DNS -whats do you people have to say now ???

After that hack have flushed dns ,cleaning caches etc. Next have changed back to Comodo DNS and the problem solved :-TU

The hacker get his ■■■ kicked by Comodo DNS & my e-mail is safe again (:CLP)

Thank you Comodo for savng me again. :110: :love:

Glad it worked out =)

It might have been a configuration failure on the webserver of some sort that caused this mix up, the certificate presented wasn’t exactly supposed to ‘sniff/hack’ hotmail passwords, it runs on a completely different site, as you can see in the image [nobbc][/nobbc].

Ronny Im not a expert on DNS ,but after changing to Comodo DNS have no problem now :-TU

Now can just say - Open DNS cant even stand by (and let me down ) :-\ by the security Comodo DNS offers me. :love:

Well glad that everything is back to normal :-TU

;D If Open DNS is redirecting you from a web site like hotmail to a scam . All a have to say is ; Open DNS is realy open and that is not safe. :-TD

Below the screanshot hotmail is full accessible - thanks again Comodo -its nice that you are here :-TU

[attachment deleted by admin]

…run this to find the best for your location - read the whole thing first & you will have a better understanding about dns

if you want to benchmark your ISP’s dns you have to reset it back in your connection properties

;D Thanks

nice one :-TU