Help our videos go Viral

Hello Forum Members:

Comodo.TV is a powerful way to help spread the word about Comodo and the importance of Internet trust and security. As a forum member, you likely have a deeper belief in these things than most people.

Comodo.TV offers programs about Comodo’s products as well as commentary and insights on these issues. When you find one you like, please post a rating or a comment. If you have a blog, consider embedding it. If you know others who could benefit from our product or insight, e-mail them a link to the video, or post it to a social media site. All the tools to do these things are right on the video player at Comodo.TV.

We recently produced a humorous video that we think has the potential to go viral and you can help by watching it, commenting on it, favorably rating it, and telling others about it. We will be producing more such programs on about a monthly basis. You can watch our latest masterpiece here. If you like it, please pass the word!


Bill Fallon

interesting and amusing but very good. I like it.