Help needed


I donno if this is a bug , but It sure Bugged the day light outta me

here’s the issue
Comodo system cleaner was going quite smoothly with me until I mounted the last one ;3 build 37
which never really worked as I expected it to do, and I always expect comodo apps to work fine or at least find a solution on the forum, and we lived happily, but not since this CSC 3 build 37 was born :smiley:

so the story goes, installing the critter and again uninstalling and installing again, works good for a while, then I had to uninstall and install again , and so on, and of course I was quite puzzled …

Last time I uninstalled it, It also uninstalled the entire folder it was installed into with a size of about 100 migs, which is the folder I keep all Comodo apps comfortable in so they take care of my system ,

I had to reinstall Comodo internet security, and yet to re install all the apps I lost,

but I must say, that critter really did it , clean uninstall too, ;D everything and not even an empty folder was left behind >:-D and I only had to use the uninstall mechanism that comes with CSC …

so, just thought you know, 'caus if someone had to install it in it’s default directory, god knows what could happen, donno if it would clean the entire program folder or even decides to take a further step forward and delete a couple folders as a treat :smiley: