Help needed

i want to ask… why the first time i installed comodo firewall v3 (i chose the defend+ option), it causing my system (windows xp) “crash”, always restart…restart…and restart, not able to reach the “Log in window”. At that time…i already turn off the standard firewall from windows XP and for information i use NOD32 for my antivirus also spyware doctor for my antispyware.

Then… i uninstall it from the safe mode, and try to install it again but this time i chose the basic firewall. And it works… At first the “windows start up process” takes a longer time… but it’s success. Then i restart my computer again to make sure about the start up process and the result is the start up process is normal again… and all the system work normal.

My question is why the first time installation result’s is like that, is the defend+ option has some incompatibility with some programs??? What programs? what should i do if i want to install the defend+ option again? and what is the biggest difference between the basic firewall and defend+ option. Please HELP… thanks before and sorry if my english is not good ;D