HELP NEEDED! Unable receive Outlook Express email with Comodo AntiSpam (ENABLE)

Unable to receive email when CAS enabled with 1.DEFAULT Setting & 2.Check on box “Select Alternate ASA Message” within Advance setting and its Antispam Alert message prompt me to " get yuorself authourise" by replying to the Comodo’s email providing the AntiSpam Passcode which I have complied.

I am able to receive email when DISABLE CAS.

I am using Outlook Express 6.

Prompt assistant to solve this problem is highly appreciated! :frowning:

I’m having similar problems only I don’t get any prompts Nor do I get any quarentined/blocked or rejected messages. The incoming emails just disappear between the server and my computer using Outlook Express 6.

The messages are still available by logging into the ISP’s webmail site and checking them that way. there is NO indication of any kind that AntiSpam has even received the messages, all of which hhave been set up on the allowed list, some othem by actual individual address and some of them by wildcarding the domain.

Disable the AntiSpam and things work great. Reenable it and my OUTLOOK EXPRESS ceases to receive any email on a consistent basis. Once in a while one will slip through from the same person/address that the rest of them disappear from.

Hi Guys,

The current version of AntiSpam has been found to have some issues with e-mail monitoring AntiVirus programs (CAV included – fix available soon).

Are you guys running any e-mail monitoring AV?

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Basically, after installing and configuring, Using OE6 on Win XP Pro, every time I enabled antispam on my Email, and then selected “receive all” in OExpress, antispam would tell me the account information was incomplete, would force me to put in the same information on an account now called “-2” of the same account, list the account as other, not Outlook Express on the Antispam configuration and then not recieve the mail.

I then “disabled” each of the "-2
accounts, after editing them to show they were Outlook Express, and attempted to run it my receive mail in OE again. It created yet ANOTHER “-2” account for *each of my Email accounts, labelled those “other” instead of “Outlook Express” and AGAIN refused to receive the mail.

I ended up uninstalling the program.

Since I’m pretty happy with the firewall, I was *really looking forward to having the antispam work.


A. F. Webb

I have the same issue. After I open Outlook Express, all of my email accounts download fine. When OE checks the next time, usually within a few minutes, all of the accounts download fine except my only account at Comcast. I get the error that the account information is not there and a blank Comodo Antispam account screen opens and asks me to fill in all of the account information. I have done this in the past and I end up with a new account and a number 2 after it. The error then comes back the next time. This is a recent problem. I have been using Comodo AntiSpam for months whithout problems. The odd thig is that it only errors out with the Comcast account, I have seven other accounts that work fine, and it only errors out after the initial download of emails which works fine.

If I am not at my computer to clear the error, OE will completely error out and close.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated. I use all of the other Comodo products and am ver happy with the way things work.