Help needed - allow incoming ping [Resolved]

Hello everybody !
Two days trying to find the answer myself - still no juice (:AGY). What rules I have to apply to allow incoming ping from a specific IP address ?

welcome, Miteto!

Quite simple, and you may have already done it without realizing…

In Network Monitor, select Add. You will build the rule as follows:

Action: Allow
Protocol: ICMP
Direction: In
Source IP: Single IP: (plug the address you want to use in the box)
Destination IP: Any
ICMP Details: Echo Request


This will put the rule at the very bottom. Highlight the rule, and click Move Up. Contiue doing so until it’s above the bottom Block & Log IP In/Out rule (or any other rule that would block ICMP In).

This will allow the Ping to not be blocked/dropped. However, as I recall there is no default rule to allow your computer to respond to the Echo Request (it can give one, just not respond to one); thus, you would need to create an additional rule to allow this.

To do so, right-click on your newly-created ICMP In rule. Select Add/Add After. Create the rule as follows:
Action: Allow
Protocol: ICMP
Direction: Out
Source IP: Any
Destination IP: Single IP (the IP address again, that you want to allow)
ICMP Details: Echo Reply


Now the two rules are right together, nice and neat. :wink: Reboot your computer and you should be good to go.

The thing to remember is that in CFP the rules filter from the top down; the traffic won’t stop until it hits a rule that either explicitly/implicitly allows it, or it’s blocked. There’s some good stuff here, to help you understand CFP better - rules, how it works, etc.,6167.0.html


Thank you, Little Mac ! That was the answer I was looking for!
I have tried something like this, one thing I was wrong about - the Destination IP. As a destination IP I used my PC’s IP instead Any.
Thanks again!

So is that working for you? You get and reply to the Ping?


I needed this to work because of my ISP - for testing purposes. I don’t want to pull my pants down everytime they test the network that’s why I needed your advice! Cheers!

Cool. If you don’t mind, what type of “test” are they running? And how often? And what happens if you don’t pass it? (ie, if you block the ping)