Help needed about CIS update

I have installed the latest version of CIS Premium and updated it for the first time. The first update of around 84 MB was done successfully. Then the next day I opened my pc and wanted to update CIS and I got Error 0x80004002 and another error saying that there are insufficient resources on my pc to perform the update.

Why is this happening and how do I solve it? My pc doesnt have Microsoft NET Framework installed, does CIS update needs NET framework to perform its update?

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Does your PC feel slow when CIS reports this?
Are you familiar with Task Manager to verify the CPU and Memory usage of your system?
Did you try to reboot and see if that took care of the issue?
Do you have any other Security software installed no matter real-time or on-demand?

Yes I rebooted my pc after installing CIS, I had the older version of CIS before, I uninstalled that one, then used CIS cleanup tool and then installed the latest version of CIS and the first update went fine … but the errors started from the next day when i wanted to scan my pc … does CIS need Microsoft NET framework to update?

I have Super Anti Spyware installed on my pc

It could be that cmdagent.exe crashes on your system, that can also cause these messages.
Can you verify with task manager that cmdagent.exe is running if you have these messages?
(If on vista/win7 make sure to tick the ‘show all processes’ button on Taskmgr).

You can also verify the Windows Event logs to see if there are messages from Comodo in there.

when running CIS premium, I have checked with task manager comodo’s software is not shown in the task manager, i guess it crashes on my system. why is this? wat to do to fix this problem?

Did you use some nlite similar software to install your system?

Please check the Windows Eventlogs to see whyat crash details are recorded for cmd… etc files.
cmdhelp, cmdagent, guard32/64 etc

i havent installed any other similar software on my pc, its just only CIS premium. I had installed super anti spyware but later uninstalled it.

I checked the Windows Event Viewer, there is no files about cmdagent.

When I run CIS premium, the summary page tells me that comodo application program is not running. Then I ran a diagnostics which said that a problem occured with my installation. When I clicked on fix the problem, it said that the problem cannot be fixed and gave me a diagnostic report which I saved in my pc.

I am attaching the disgnostics report with this message. Plz check it and let me know. Thank you.

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the cmdagent isn’t installed correctly according to the diagnostics report…
I think re-installing would be the fast track here, and try to make sure there is not other software preventing the installer from creating these services keys.

You could also verify these keys in the registry to see if they don’t exist or that there is some sort of permission issue.

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