HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!! My Comodo is SCREWED UP !!!!

For two days now I keep getting an error report . I t wont send it to you . I’ve tried several times .I also tried copying the report so as to either post it here or on notepad but when I tried to paste nothing was there ???
The message box says “”" the error is often because the program sending the error report is not compatible with Windows 7 “”"
I also can not get a database update . It fails !!! It tells me “”" Failed to update the virus database . Please check your internet connection and try again later “”"

My version is 5.10.228257.2253
My database version is 12904
I’m running Windows 7 home premium 32 bit
The only other security programs are Win Patrol and Malware bytes .

I’m at a loss as to what is going on :cry: Did my Comodo security suite get a virus ??? I’ve run scans with Comodo and Malware Bytes and found nothing ???

Hi skybane,

What happened 2 day’s ago then? Did you system lose power?
Did it crash? did you install Windows updates? etc.

It might be that you need to run a checkdisk on your drives and let the system automatically fix issues during a boot check.

After that try CIS, More, Diagnostics to see if it finds any issues with your installation.

Ran the check a few problems fixed and the CIS diagnostic and no problems found ??? Still have the same problems with the CIS though :cry: Should I do a fresh instal of CIS ? ? ? Or should I boot up with the Windows 7 disk in and run a repair ? ? ?

Please try this procedure to make sure everything OS based is fine.

Problem with a security product?
Checked with a “second opinion” on demand scan for virus?

Export settings. Reinstall the security product. Import and activate the settings.
(saves time, saves) :slight_smile: