Help,My Comodo firewall has gone nuts! [RESOLVED]


I don’t know what is happening to my Comodo firewall (not the Beta, I have version 2.4…). For some reason the following happens: (there are 4 different user accounts on my Windows XP) ???

On all accounts the “explorer.exe” fails to stop normally when attempting to log off.

On all accounts I get the following message when logging in “an error has occurred while initializing comondo firewall pro”

On one account, there is no Comodo firewall icon in the tray
On another account there are 2 icons in the tray, one says it is “initializing” the other says its ok

I uninstalled Comodo Firewll pro and re-installed thinking this would help, but I get the same problems. :cry:

Can anyone suggest to me what I should do? The firewal has usually been the most stable of my Comodo products, so I am at a loss to explain why there is a problemall of a sudden(no changes to the computer). I have no other firewalls installed, and only have Boclean, Comodo Memory Guardian and CAVS.

Any ideas are very welcome.


That different user accounts have having different symptoms leads me to think the Windows registry has become corrupted. My understanding of how to recover from registry problems, is to do a Windows restore operation from a date before the problem appeared.

Which then asks the question of what happened to cause the problem. As a real fast eyeball check, bring up the Task Manager, and look at the running Processes list. If there is anything in there that you don’t recognize, or can’t account for, then you may have a problem. Running a HiJackThis scan would be a more thorough check.

Click on run, type services.msc and see if Terminal Services and Fast User Switching are both enabled, might be best setting both on automatic.

You could also try running eventvwr.msc - see if there are any errors recorded that could explain what is going on.

Do you use the User Profile Hive Cleanup service from Microsoft? If not, it may be wirth your while trying it, probably wont solve your problem but it is worth having anyway.


Right click My ComputerManage → open “Local Users and Groups” → Users → in the right hand pane, double click the user account(s) you want to disable and checkmark “Account is disabled”.

This morning when I logged on, everything seemed OK. I did not get the “error occurred while initializing” message. I now have only one icon in each user start tray, but there is still the error message on my other users systems. I have no idea why, but when I log off a user, the explorer.exe will not shut down on its own, and this did not happen before? Could this be the reason for my continued problem?

Thanks for the tips so far, but can anyone tell me (IN THE SIMPLEST TERMS POSSIBLE) maybe why my explorer.exe is not working, and if this could be related to my Comodo firewall problem??


Dear grcguy,

First, if you have a good anti virus program working; then do a complete scan (pull out your lan cable and use an administrator account).

If no virus was found, some of your windows files may have been broken. You may use a build in windows tool (the system file checker) to check the system file and do the recovery as instructed by the tool.

If all the above do not work, I think the last can do is to backup your data files, format your hard disk and do a new install of windows.

Hope this can help!

Oct 7


Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the User profile Hive Cleanup and it worked. When I checked, I did have the Event ID 1517 which is the problem with the user profiles, so this has been fixed, and it SEEMS like everything is OK now. Thanks alot for the help. (:CLP)

thats great grcguy.

I will mark this as resolved and close the topic. If you want it re-opened please PM a moderator, including a link to the topic location, and they will be happy to help.