I installed Comodo in a new desktop, and everytime I press two keys at same time it opens up and I mean any two keys or more If I press Alt+4 it opens up if I press M+0 it opens up if I press F2+A or whatever I press it will fucking open up. Please somebody help me! This is driving me nuts!!! I am afraid that if I can’t fix this I will uninstall Comodo.

Hi and welcome gcdavidy,
I have tried reproducing this issue without success.
Do you have any 3rd party Hot-key managers installed, or any other special function key programs specific to your system?
Is this reproducible all the time?
Can you please post your system, installed software and operating system information?


Hey there captainsticks thanks for taking your time to help me out.

No I don’t have any Hot-key related 3rd party software nor special function keys, the computer is completely new, at the first boot I installed Avast! and fucking Comodo Dragon.

Hell yeah it happens all the goddamned time, it’s really annoying specially when I play fullscreen games because comodo opens itself and switches to it, also when using comodo dragon if I press two keys or more the current tab I’m using switches to and I don’t even have it in my homepage nor default search engine and it’s driving me FUCKING CRAZY!!

My OS is Windows Ultimate SP1 (64 bits) with all Windows updates.
All the software I have installed is (ordered by chronological order) Avast!, Comodo Dragon, Steam, Counter-Strike Source, Adobe Flash Player and Google Chrome.

My PC is made of:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.10GHz
CPU cooler: Default cooler provided with the CPU
GPU: ASUS Radeon HD7770-1GD5
Storage: 1 Western Digital 250GB SSD and 1 Western Digital 500GB HDD
PSU: Coolermaster 450W
RAM: 4GB Kingston DDR3 1600
Optical Drive: 1 LG Super Multi
Other: 2 case fans 12 USB 3.0 ports and 1 SD card and 1 microSD card readers.

Why is this relevant anyway?

Hi gcdavidy,
I would consider trying a new reinstall, in case some form of corruption occurred during installation.
It might also be worth trying the portable version to see if the issue persists.
Portable Version

Some manufactured systems come pre-installed with special function key (Hot-key) software.
Also knowing your system specifics may assist the Developers in reproducing the issue.

Thanks for posting this information, I will contact Staff to see if they can look into this issue.

Kind regards.

Edit: I have contacted Staff, remembering their time is limited and they will only reply when time permits.

I’ve seen Shane, just for an example, more than once visiting here during the last week or so. :-TU
Of course, everyone’s time is somewhat “limited”.

Well, so is our’s. :slight_smile:
There’s quite some Comodo forum users who’ll have to do their full day (or night) time job as well, yet, they’re still willing to contribute here, for free. Because they somewhat love Comodo, I guess. :wink:

Not just developers, but all of them Comodo Staff should, from time to time, look over here and have their say.
That’d be great.
That’d even increase TRUST, so to speak.
No, not really, maybe.

Yet, it would, again, prove, that Comodo is a “touchable” Company, not a “hidden thing” without real human beings behind it. :slight_smile:

Kind regards, REBOL.

Mankind needs mankind.

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Is Dragon set as your default browser? Does the issue reproduce when you choose another default browser?
You should also check if you have any keyboard drivers installed. Some keyboards come with drivers that allow you to set custom shortcuts for your applications.